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Yoshi is going to school!

Name: Yoshi
Game/Series: Mario/Yoshi series
Age & Grade Level: 16, sophomore
Personality: Yoshi is a very simple dinosaur. He loves to eat, play and sleep. He doesn’t have the best grades, but he doesn’t really seem to mind. He is always happy, curious, and optimistic, albeit naïve and still very unaccustomed to the culture of his host country.
Yoshi can write and speak English (or whatever language the Smash universe uses), but has a habit of not using pronouns (he always refers to himself in the third-person) and speaking in simple sentences.
Backstory: Yoshi is a foreign student from faraway Yoshi’s Island. He’s been attending SumaBura for a year already, but he’s still not quite adjusted to the culture and society. His “family” is more or less all of the other Yoshi dinos on Yoshi’s Island, and he keeps in touch with them often. Yoshi is not unlike many of the other dinosaurs- he loves food and recreation more than anything- but he’s always had a desire to travel and see the world (and eat exotic foods!), so when he heard of SumaBura’s foreign exchange program, he jumped on the chance, and his “family” helped him apply and proudly saw him off when he left.
Appearance and such: Yoshi is a dino! Obviously he can’t wear the normal school uniform, so he just wears a modified version of the shirt. As for how Yoshi speaks, remember the Super Mario World cartoon? It's kinda like that.

Yoshi @ Sumabura, played by [info]wefeelgroove
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